Scoliosis is tough... But, our kids are tougher.


DVD Available for Parents and Doctors

The ARISE Scoliosis Research Trust in England was founded in 1986 by Mrs. Jenny Frank, a parent of a child with progressive infantile scoliosis, who was treated early and successfully by Dr. Min H. Mehta.  The ARISE Foundation has provided education and information on early treatment for progressive infantile scoliosis for almost 20 years now, and ISOP is excited to join them on their mission of awareness for the early treatment of this condition.

In 2000, ARISE produced a DVD that would help doctors and parents understand the concept of reversing progressive infantile scoliosis by harnessing the rapid growth of infancy by early treatment with serial, corrective, plaster of Paris casts (POP jackets).  This DVD is designed for health professionals and anyone with an interest in treating and curing Scoliosis.

Progressive Infantile Scoliosis can be corrected by early diagnosis and early referral for treatment – by using the child’s growth as a powerful corrective force.  Miss Min Mehta, FRCS has been researching and practicing in this area for many years and in this time has helped hundreds of children with Scoliosis to grow straight.  In this DVD, she describes the principles that underlie her work.  She explains how to treat babies and young children with Scoliosis.  Additionally, families of children with progressive Scoliosis describe their experiences.

With grateful thanks to the following who supported the production of the DVD….The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Trust, The International Society for Infant Massage, Jenny Frank and the ARISE Scoliosis Research Trust, Kenneth Campbell and the families who took part.

The cost for a DVD is $10 plus postage. If you would like to order one or need more information, please fill out our Contact Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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