Tap into Parent Power!

The Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program (ISOP) would not be where it is today without the persistence of parents. After all, ISOP was founded by a mother who was searching for a more gentle, non-surgical method of care to treat her infant with progressive infantile scoliosis. ISOP has grown and flourished thanks to the dedication of parents spreading the word about proper diagnosis and early treatment of Progressive Infantile Scoliosis (a.k.a. Early Onset Scoliosis). Many parents have dedicated their time, resources, and even finances to advance ISOP’s mission and goals. Now, more than ever, we must each do what we can to perpetuate this forward momentum. As with most things in life, reaching a goal takes time, people to help share the work, and money. As you sit at your computer, reading the amazing personal stories of healing on this website, do you ever wonder what you can do to help?

Here’s how you can contribute Parent Power to ISOP:

1.  First and foremost, be an encouragement to other families via the C.A.S.T. online group. Take the time to welcome new members and answer their questions. This is a beautiful dynamic within the group that really helps people feel welcomed and supported—a real part of the community.

2.  Second, request a brochure, make copies of it, and distribute them your circles. Share them with your family. Keep them in your car or purse to hand out as you run into people who are curious about Infantile Scoliosis (IS). Many people throughout the world still do not realize the prevalence of scoliosis in young children, and the benefits of Early Treatment. Direct them to the website where they can gain even more information on IS.

3.  Third, consider giving a presentation on IS for a local civic group, church group, or at your child's school.

4.  Finally, educate the healthcare professionals you have contact with.  If possible, show them the DVD "A New Direction" and introduce them to the early treatment method that we are all excited to see become more available across the United States and throughout the world. 


Another great way to help ISOP is to raise funds. The cost of training a hospital in the early treatment method is substantial. Encourage friends and family members to support ISOP by wearing the bracelets. Hold a bake sale or car wash. Have a work day raking leaves or shoveling snow. Mobilize your connections to hold a large fundraiser, like the Straight Forward event in Tennessee, or the Hopefest in Virginia. Be creative. The combined impact of every effort that might seem small at the individual level is astounding and powerful!



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